Welcome to the website of the Chiltington Area Response Team – otherwise known as CHART – a wholly volunteer (medical emergency) First Responder Scheme that became operational in August 2006

CHART is a registered charity, based in West Chiltington and Pulborough, West Sussex, offering a free, medical emergency service. Its local First Responders have been trained by the South East Coast Ambulance Service, to provide essential treatment in the first crucial minutes of an emergency, enabling critical intervention to be performed that can save lives or disability to be reduced. This is especially the case in the event of medical conditions such as sudden heart attacks, chest pain, unconsciousness and when there are breathing difficulties.

Chart’s community First Responder Team is totally self funded and, therefore, relies on raising funds to run the service. We use the donations from generous local people, businesses and other organisations to help purchase essential equipment and keep the scheme operational.

Our site has lots of information all about what we do and how we help people, please take a look around and contact us if you require more information, would like to get involved or would like to make a donation.

Would you like to be a First Responder?

There are no pre-requisite skills required. Volunteers will receive all necessary initial training from South East Coast Ambulance Service, and CHART first responders meet together monthly to share experiences and receive training and news updates.

The minimum commitment required is 4 or 5 hours a week, when you would be on call from your own home.

If you are interested or have further questions, please contact CHART

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